1400 GBP

◇ All day coverage (from 9.30 AM till as long as needed, on average 10-12h).


◇ 600-900 fully edited images.


◇ Online gallery to share with guests delivered to you in 6 weeks.


USB drive in a wooden box along with a selection of 40 prints.


◇ Transport costs in Scotland (the Central Belt, the Highlands).





1100 GBP

◇ Up to 8h of coverage.


◇ 500-600 fully edited images.


◇ Online gallery to share with guests within 6 weeks.


◇ USB drive in a wooden box along with a selection of 24 prints.


◇ Transport costs from Edinburgh (100 miles).




750 GBP

◇ Up to 5h of photography coverage.


◇ 300-400 fully edited images.


◇ Online gallery to share with guests or a USB drive.




Booking process


In order to secure the date, a flat rate of a 250 GBP retainer must be paid, which will be deducted from the final amount, and an agreement must be signed.


I will send the agreement through DigiSigner where it can be signed electronically and the booking fee can be made through Transferwise or bank transfer. You can view the agreement here.


When all of that is done, you can carry on planning and preparing with peace of mind.


Depending on your and my location at the time, we can meet in person some time before the wedding and I am always available for a Whatsapp/FaceTime conversation about the details.



Custom additional extras to the package


  • A couples' photoshoot for my clients starts at 200 GBP excl. travel costs.


  • You can order an album as well. The pricing for 10x10 albums start at 250 GBP. It depends on the cover material, page count etc.


  • Additional prints to fill the wooden box (capacity 80).




There can be additional travel costs, usually a flat fee to cover public transport tickets/fuel or accommodation, if not included in the package. If your celebration is held further than 4h away from Edinburgh, I might have to stay overnight the day before or after. 


Travel rates for a one day event to the following locations

  • Isle of Skye - 200 GBP (on top of any package)
  • London - 160 GBP (on top of any package)