About me

Ilva Rimicāne [ilva rimitsaane]

Probably no one will doubt that the wedding day is special, but there are so many details that determine its success. To make the couple feel at ease being in front of the camera even if that is something they shy away is fundamental part of my work. I believe that the most genuine feelings are captured in a candid way, especially in nature, where for a brief moment there is a chance to escape the hum of the big day.


I am frequently traveling between Sweden and Scotland, but Latvia will always be my home-country. I got my first camera when I was in the 7th grade and began photographing nature. It gave a purpose to go out and a way to unwind. I photographed my first wedding in 2012 and ever since it has been my work and passion over summer time. Now that I have finished my university studies, my main work is photography. I also enjoy giving language classes to children and adults. I like to stay curious and have flexibility over my life, therefore I like to have diverse interests and hobbies.


I speak Latvian, English, Russian, and Swedish.


I like unexplored places and I'm open to various forms of celebration.

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