Ilva Rimicāne [ilva rimitsaane]

Photography is my first passion that I have continued to pursue for the most of my life. I grew up in a small European country Latvia where the beauty was primarily found in tranquil nature. All four seasons, flat fields of grain, sandy coastlines with pine trees  is what I knew for the most of my life and somehow these elements appear in my work no matter where I photograph.


I have lived in several places such as Scotland and Sweden as I have always preferred the rough and northern parts of the world. I am driven by curiosity and perfectionism that I try to balance out. I believe there are so many things to experience, see, and taste in this world and it's even more amazing with the right company. I speak Latvian, English, Russian, and Swedish and a bit of Spanish (learned at school) and Brazilian Portuguese. At the university I studied translation and later — international business for Master's. However, I'm self-thought in photography and every step from this website design to delivering your photos I do by myself.


I appreciate couples who have their own opinion, values, and style to create their own atmosphere but at the same time can let go of the control to be able to be fully present and enjoy the moment.


I believe that the most genuine feelings are captured in a candid way, especially in a comfortable environment such as nature.

Throughout the images, you should be able to remember not only what happened, but also how you felt.

First trip to Scotland. Me looking funny in a rain poncho while taking a photo of the swamp grass.

My childhood summers were spent here. Fresh veggies and fruit at any moment, playing with the dogs and constructing rapids were a daily routine.

THE visit to Sweden that became my second home right after.