Elope in Glencoe - Location Guide & Tips

A comprehensive guide for your engagement or elopement in Glencoe, Scotland by a local wedding photographer

 If there is one view that comes to mind when someone asks what is Scotland like its the lush green hills of Glencoe. Glencoe is the nearest mountain range from the major populated areas in Scotland like Edinburgh or Glasgow. Its located just 3 hours away by car. These unique to our world landscapes are what made me come back to Scotland and establish as a photographer there. If you have only a day to spend in the Highlands then Glencoe is a must visit. Here is some information on my perspective about the area as an elopement photographer.


Think of the vast landscape, mountaintops powdered in snow and lush green in the warmer months.  If you want to be surrounded by an outwordly landscape Glencoe is the right place where to elope. In colder months you have to know that it can be windy and the werather changes rapidly. it can be snowing and then the sun can shine 15 minutes later like nothing ever happened. If you are a couple who longs after nature and feel at peace and at home in such places this is the ultimate experience for you.

For seasoned travellers who have explored the Alps, Yosemite, and other serious mountain ranges, Glencoe Valley will undoubtedly surprise you with its unique terrain and breathtaking colours, making it a rare gem on Earth. The best part is that its beauty can be accessed by anyone, regardless of their physical readiness. 

8 Best PLACES to elope in glencoe

Here are several stunning locations to consider for your ceremony.




GLENCOE VALLEY tunnel view among the mountains, river, rapids, footpaths. Easy access for any mobility. A winter elopement from there here.

LOCH ETIVE for saying your vows surrounded by water with sunset behind you.


THE STUDY a flat stone - for more elevation and another viewpoint with the Three Sisters in the background. The walk there is already part of the adventure and is tricky to find. You park following these coordinates and walk 1.5km West.


BUACHAILLE ETIVE MOR  the most photographed mountain peak in Scotland.


MOORLANDS for complete solace consider the moorlands Glencoe Lochan na h-Achlaise view point with water, crooked trees and mountain peaks at the back.




GLEN ETIVE ROAD & GLEN ETIVE BRIDGE known for its appearance in the film Skyfall. Great for waterfall. Surrounding fields have a lot of midgies in summer months.


KINGSHOUSE HOTEL for a chance to meet the deer up close and personal. Ideal if you have a few guests with you.


GLENCOE COTTAGE makes a picturesque postcard view. The little cottage shows the scale of the mountains behind it.

Glencoe Valley in Winter and early March


Use this map for the sense of scale and distance of the area. It can also help you to decide which spots you would like to visit the most:


Blue: main attraction sites or carparks to them.
Green: Glen Etive area.


Choose either the green or blue points for a 4h photoshoot. If you would like to visit more places it could take 6h and possible full day.


Tony and Debra traveled from Edinburgh to have their engagement photoshoot in Glencoe Valley and Glen Etive back in March. They used these photos for the guest book during their big wedding later that year.


Glencoe package 1

○ 4 hour coverage

○ At least 120 edited images

○ Transport costs from Edinburgh. 

○ Planning call.

○ Assistance with timeline planning.


Great for those wanting amazing portraits and ceremony coverage.

 1200 GBP

Glencoe package 2

○ 6 hour coverage

○ At least 300 edited images

○ Transport costs from Edinburgh.

○ Planning call.

○ Assistance with timeline planning.


Perfect for a full day outdoor adventure elopement visiting multiple locations.

1500 GBP


ELOPEMENT TIMELINE for winter months

10.30 AM - 12.00 PM

Meet up at the Three Sisters car park. Head down towards the river and take in the beauty of the valley with it's peaks.


Have lunch at Kingshouse Hotel (great soups, haggis and latte, veg options available too), meet the deer and feed them some carrots.

2.30 PM

Continue to Glen Etive with 2-3 stops on the way. The narrow road to the Loch takes 35 minutes to drive. Take in the views and setting sun in front of you.

4.30 PM - 5 PM

Say your vows in the beautiful sunset light at Loch Etive. The lake will turn into a mirror, given there is no wind. Head back to your accommodation or restaurant for celebratory dinner.

This would cover the 6 hour photography package.




Eloping in a breathtaking outdoor location holds some magic in the uncontrollable element of weather. Witness double rainbows or snow-capped peaks within a day.


best time to elope in Glencoe


To avoid crowds, it's best to steer clear of general school holiday dates and peak summer months when tourists flock to the area. Additionally, planning your elopement close to sunset can ensure gorgeous light and a more private and intimate experience, as tour buses typically leave before this time.



If you prioritize comfort, consider eloping during the spring or autumn months when pesky mosquitoes (midgies) are absent, and temperatures are still pleasant.



Glencoe Valley's color palette keeps changing as the weather shifts - from lush greens in the summer to oranges in winter. Early spring often brings snow and gorgeous auburn or yellow colors. Temperatures are pleasant even in the winter if it is calm and not windy. However, most of the time, it gets windy there as there are no trees to break down the speed, and it might alternate between rain and sun every 10 minutes. The Scottish weather reputation is not an exaggeration, so it's essential to keep this in mind when choosing your dress, suit, footwear, and hairstyle. Opting for something flowy that can handle the wind and having a scarf or cropped jacket for warmth would be wise, as there is no natural shelter from the wind in the valley.


A good tip is to allow a window of 2 days for the elopement, providing flexibility to move the date based on weather conditions.



Ideally, you want soft, cloud-diffused light on the day. With shorter daylight hours in the winter, it's best to arrive as early as possible, ideally between 10-11 am, to make the most of your time before the sun sets behind the peaks of the valley. For example, in September at 5 pm, Glencoe Valley is already in shadow, so there is more light to catch before you enter the mountains, such as Glen Etive.


Hi! I'm Ilva, the Glencoe Elopement photographer who wrote this guide.

I originally come from the tiny Baltic state - Latvia, which is flat as a pancake but covered in forests and sandy beaches. Nowadays, I live in Stockholm, Sweden, and often photograph elopements and weddings in Scotland, the place I fell in love with during my first independent trip abroad. Given my life choices, it's fair to say I enjoy northern landscapes and their climate. When in Scotland, I am based in Edinburgh.


I speak four languages: Latvian, English, Swedish, and Russian. I studied translation and business at the university; however, I do photography full-time and have taught myself everything since I picked up a camera in 2007.


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