Among the cherry blossom trees

Location: Uzvaras park, Riga

Model: Katrīna Lea Prince


When everywhere else in the world spring is coming to an end in Latvia spring is in full bloom. Now every May for about two weeks people can enjoy spending their evenings under these sakura trees. I was brought together with Katrīna by our common friend and we both agreed to meet up for an impromptu photoshoot early on a Friday morning to be the only ones among the cherries. Katrīna was just about to finalize her bachelor thesis and head off to Germany to spend some time with her fiance while I was still struggling with my own paper. Spring has always been a season that I cannot fully enjoy and take in. At the same time, photography is one of the few things that can completely take ones mind off just about anything. I assume it is because you have to be in the moment and focus at the present.