Soon to be Three | Maternity photoshoot

When Inessa reached out to me in summer I was in Scotland and we scheduled a photoshoot in September when she would be also more ready for one. Last couple of years September has been ideal for weddings or photoshoots as the weather is warm enough for holding all of the activities outdoors. Although it was rather cloudy during the day, it cleared up just in time for amazing sunset light illuminating Inessa's rust toned hair and adding extra joy to the mood.


My currently favourite colour is this muted pastel pink tone aka old rose, therefore I was extra excited when she pulled out this linen dress. Speaking of clothing, I personally think that more neutral colours work best for photoshoots out in the nature and more bold ones can be incorporated into outfits for photoshoots in the urban environment. Also an easy tip how to elevate the look when one supposedly has nothing nice to wear is just put a plain coloured shirt and trousers for men and a dress for women and try to avoid any logos or text on the clothing. Depending on the material and colour it can be adapted to season and location. For a beach photoshoot I wouldn't bother bringing any shoes as getting them full with fine sand will just distract from the process. Something to walk through the shrubs in the nearby forest will do. Also bring some water and snackbars, as 1,5h shoot might make you crave some food.


Location: Garciems beach, Latvia. Approx. one hour drive from Riga. The couple who are originally from Moscow had this location in mind and not only that but they were so nice to shoot and converse to. My Russian skills have deteriorated ever since I stopped watching Russian TV and moved out of home. Therefore, it is always a joy to practice it with someone.