Full day


1400 GBP

◇ All day coverage of 8+ hours.


◇ At least 400 fully edited images.


◇ Online gallery within 6-10 weeks.


◇ Planning assistance: timeline, vendor and location suggestions.






Half day


1200 GBP

◇ Up to 6h of coverage.


◇ At least 300 fully edited images.


◇ Online gallery.


◇ Planning assistance: timeline, vendor and location suggestions.






1000 GBP

◇ Up to 4h of photography coverage (ex. ceremony, photo walk, dinner).


◇ 200-300 fully edited images.


◇ Online gallery in 6-10 weeks.




Travel costs to Isle of Skye 250 GBP, Glencoe 150 GBP. I am always happy to share the ride with you or your guests.

Don't see your package? We can customise it to fit your desired hours of coverage.

Booking process 


In order to secure the date, a flat rate of a 350 GBP retainer must be paid, which will be deducted from the final amount, and an agreement must be signed.


I will send the agreement through DigiSigner where it can be signed electronically and the booking fee can be made through Wise, Revolut or  a regular bank transfer.


When all of that is done, you can carry on planning and preparing with peace of mind.


Depending on your and my location at the time, we can meet in person some time before the wedding and I am always available for a Whatsapp/FaceTime conversation about the details.


Travel costs do not include photography permits, park entrance fees, ferry tickets or such additional costs that can vary at the location.