Scottish Wedding on a Drizzly Day (Crail, Fife)

Steven and Jennifer's wedding was held in charmy rustic barn near St Andrews. Just behind it, are fields of grain some machinery, that stayed untouched for the special day. The morning started off cloudy in Edinburgh and I was keeping fingers crossed that it will not rain in Crail, at least for the first part of the day. I was one of the first to arrive at the venue to take a closer look at the surroundings and prepare. The initial plan was to have the ceremony outdoors, however it was already scrapped as an option due to the wind and this typical to Scotland drizzle to which no umbrella can help but a full-on raincoat. 


The day went on really fast, the couple were left with hurting faces and flushed cheeks from constant smiling out of joy and blissfulness. 


Now, it is turn to look at the photos to see everything for yourself. I tried to show as much as I can without overwhelming you even if it is hard not to showcase all of it from one of my last year's favourites.



Venue: The Cow Shed Crail

Bridesmaids dresses: ASOS (according to the given speech)