Low Tides | Portrait photoshoot


Model: Patricija P. Vugule

Location: Engure, Latvia

Clothing: Patricia's very own.


I got a chance to meet one of my models that I photographed many, many years ago. Patricia has traveled quite a bit doing modelling, even to Asia, while managing to continue studying at the university. Beauty with brains is always a great combination.


We drove to one of the swampy lakes that we have right next to a sea. After photographing on this footbridge we headed over the road to the seashore and continued with some images there. Engure beach was also in some of my very first wedding images that I took back in 2012 but for Patricia - it is her favourite to go to in any season.


The weather was freezing and even I in my jacket couldn't bear it for long. Thankfully, warm tea in the evening curbed anything that we could have caught.