Vegneri Family | Family photoshoot

I haven't positioned myself as a family photographer as I am more interested in nature, portraiture and weddings. All of the aspects of life up to building a family so to say. Also from some previous shoots I know how hard it is to photograph children, as the attention span is not as long. Vegneri family was a joy to photograph, even if the baby was not always happy. I know, the new mom, Undine from one of those summer camps that we used to go to as kids and she also studied in my school, just several classes higher up. I remember her special skill being solving the Rubik's cube. Now it feels somehow surreal that we all have grown up and started forming families. 


I always wanted to find some of these heather patches in Latvia, but never knew where there could be vast fields of it and the couple was fast to point out a great spot outside of Riga.


The Vegneri also do film and they are really good at it. They hit a pause for a while with weddings to master parenting, but now they are back. You can take a look at their work here: